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Key Facts on Education in Turkey

You may already know that the education system in Turkey has been flourishing. Turkey is ranked at the 17th largest economy globally, has a population of 76.6 million and a GDP of US$720 billion with a 4% growth year on year.

That means Education will continue to remain a priority in this country. The FATIH project is one of the largest national initiatives in Turkey that began in 2011 with 52 schools receiving interactive whiteboards and tablets.

This project aims to provide an equal opportunity in education and improving tech in schools. According to an EGI & RTI Intl. report, 63,000 tablets have so far been distributed to students and 84,000 classrooms have since then been equipped with interactive whiteboards.

The project's acronymic title, FATIH (stands for Fırsatları Artırma ve Teknolojiyi İyileştirme Hareketi, or 'Movement to Increase Opportunities and Technology'). It marks an era of information technology in Turkish education, which started with the FATİH project.

According to Matt Thompson, Director at F&E Education, “Turkey has done a great job promoting itself as an education hub at the tertiary level, offering competitive costs and reasonably improving academic standards. At the primary and secondary school levels, its growing appeal among international school operators is only beginning to emerge but will hopefully lead to more progress in its education sector over the long-term,”. 

We are quite excited to bring the GESS experience to Turkey as it will be quite interesting to learn more about the Turkish audience and also find out what makes the education sector there so diverse. From all the experience we have gained over the years with our shows running in Dubai, Indonesia and Mexico, the launch of GESS Turkey will be a great new addition to the GESS portfolio. Education has always had a special place and has created great minds throughout the years.

When questioned as to why GESS Turkey was of interest, our exhibitor Hasan Taka from Cloudypedia believes that all the important role players in education will be at the show allowing attendees to see some of the greatest tech based products on display. It is quite important for all educational institutions to visit exhibitions regularly to stay updated and gain knowledge on what is trending in the market. Exhibitions work well in this case as with a wide array of products on display, visitors can find all that they’re looking for under one roof and save time.

Hasan tells us that there is a growing usage of cloud technologies because of its advanced security, reliability, stability etc. Cloudypedia will have their Chromebooks on display at GESS Turkey so make sure you ask for a demo.
Those who want to learn about the use of Google for Education technologies to improve effectiveness, security, simplicity while being cost effective in preparing the students for the future will find this interesting.

Izzana Turkya from Onur (Company deals with smart boards) is quite excited to meet with visitors at the show. She invites all those interested in smart education to visit their stand to learn more about their products and services.

Ozer Yayinlari is another Turkish based company dealing with cloud systems and publications. Hasan Özer chatted to us to give you some background on what they offer. Their database encompasses the curriculum that has been formed by the Ministry of Education.  IT teachers, principals and private schools will find some exciting content and products at their stand. The show opens in a few days and we're already expecting a great turnout!


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